Fuse Los Angeles



Los Angeles based luxury streetwear label, FUSE, launched with their first drop late Spring of 2019. With nods to Japanese design and urban street culture, FUSE pays homage to the roots of street style by offering limited ranges of deluxe fundamental gender-crossing apparel including hoodies, joggers, sweats, tees and unique pieces featuring exclusive graphics. Fabrics are sourced from international luxury fashion mills while silhouettes and sizing are meant to be comfortable and singular in their disproportions. FUSE finds purpose in embracing the importance of unity and aims to foster a culture of inclusiveness across all borders.  Every design element of FUSE is intentional, including their bold graphics, which are unique, often using multi-layered techniques and where applicable, applied by hand, ensuring an exclusive finish.



I have always loved the aesthetic of street wear – it’s message, ability to provide a sense of community, and the structure of so many of the pieces launched by some of my favorite designers. I also found, that my preference had always been for the men’s lines if both a men’s and women’s line were available and for the most part, only when the men’s version was offered in the women’s in a smaller size, was when I opted for the women’s version.

With my love of truly all things Japanese, I decided to launch a men’s street wear line that truly pays homage to the roots of street fashion, but also brings in a lot of the Japanese design elements that I love, including its fabrics, silhouettes and disproportionate sizing. For me, it would be wonderful to have a brand that can be a brand for everyone. One where both men and women alike can enjoy the same pieces. As we navigate through our world of ongoing change and find the need to embrace the importance of unity, now more than ever I found strength and purpose in Fuse.

Race and discrimination have been at the forefront of many discussions, today, and throughout history. It is my hope that we, as ONE people can come together and forgo being bound by such stereotypes. The case is that while I could never put myself in the shoes of someone who is of a different color skin then I, has a different sexual preference, different political preference, etc.I simply see all of us as ONE.

Many find ignorance in that. But for me, rather than focusing on what makes us different, it is time to focus on what makes us all the same. There is power in numbers and the power of one unified people, state, nation, country, world is something I hope we would all love to have, albeit doubtful. But for me, the effort, the journey and the act of embracing that philosophy of ONE is what FUSE is all about.


Merav Broder
Fuse Creative Director / Founder